We have clients who are familiar with payroll outsourcing services where it is practiced across their group of companies. We also have clients who overcome their initial doubts and happy to note that they have made the right decision to let our team of payroll specialists to handle their payroll work.

We received an email invitation to tender for a payroll job from oil and gas related company. They set up their own centralized payroll centre but unfortunately they have trouble looking for the right people to carry out the function.

Our engagement team met up with their regional human resource director and presented our case. We also asked them what their concerns were. Was it the cost factor? Was it a concern about maintaining confidentiality of their sensitive information? Apparently first and foremost on the regional director’s mind was whether our team can deliver our services without any problem.

We assuaged the director’s concern listing down our delivery milestones as well as all applicable statutory deadlines and made a firm commitment to ensure 100% compliance. We provide monthly dashboard report on the performance of our payroll team in meeting the deadlines. In addition, we volunteers some referees for our potential client to check with.

We did our best to address the director’s questions and concern. We were awarded the payroll contract with this major oil and gas player which lead to further outsourcing work with this valued client.

If you are interested to exploring your payroll function but have many questions about whether to proceed or not, please contact us. We shall listen to your concern and address all of them to enable you to reap all the benefits associated with payroll outsourcing.